Embrace the tradition of exploration

Embrace the tradition of exploration

A great cognac is always a new discovery, a tale and an adventure. This has been at the heart of Larsen Cognac House since its origin in 1926. Follow in the footsteps of our visionary founder Jens Reidar Larsen and join us on a remarkable journey.

Embrace the tradition of exploration

The adventures of Jens Reidar Larsen

A young Norwegian, who’s eager to explore the world, leaves his home shore at the age of 24 on a ship destined for the Americas.

But a long stopover in Bordeaux to repair the boat changes his destiny forever. Determined to earn some money before resuming his travels, Jens Reidar quickly finds a job in a small town a little further north, famous for the quality of its eau-de-vie. He meets and subsequently marries a local girl. Thus Cognac becomes his home port. America will have to wait and a new adventure begins.

Before long, Jens Reidar discovers yet another passion, one for cognac and the diversity of its soils. He quickly becomes an expert, learns about the well-kept secrets of the cellar masters and explores the treasure of their cognacs. From this experience, the original signature of Larsen Cognac is born in 1926.

Embrace the tradition of exploration

A new vision for cognac

Jens Reidar Larsen imposes a new vision for cognac, a unique style that express the fruity aromas in the grapes. He composes his first blends with rigor, using wine from the Fins Bois area for its finesse and Petite Champagne for roundness and richness. Jens Reidar Larsen’s legacy is not only in name but also as a rich source of knowledge and inspiration.
The secrets of his blends are to this day preserved in his notebook, a precious grail for the heirs of the founder, and a guarantee of the unique Larsen style for future generations.

the process

The craft behind Larsen Cognac

The quest for fruit, purity and balance - the heart of Larsen Cognac House since its origin in 1926.

Embrace the tradition of exploration
1 Distillation


The very special distillation procedure is a crucial part of Larsen Cognac style: after vinification a rapid distillation of the wines takes place without the lees, in order to preserve the original fruity aromas of the grapes and produce eaux-de-vie of superior elegance and finesse.

Particular attention is paid to the “coeur de la bonne chauffe,” that crucial moment in the life of a Larsen Cognac when the master distiller tastes the eaux-de-vie to select only the very finest – the tiny proportion which will be transferred to oak barrels.

Embrace the tradition of exploration
2 Aging


The most fundamental step in the whole process is ageing, that rare metamorphosis which takes place in the barrel cellar: eau-de-vie matures and becomes great cognac.

Larsen’s barrels are crafted from fine-grained sessile oak sourced from France’s Tronçais forest. These ancient trees are relatively low in tannins, and the very light toast used by the cooperage ensures that the barrels conform to the very precise vision that Jens Reidar Larsen set out for his Cognacs.

Embrace the tradition of exploration
3 blending


A great blender needs to have the sensitivity of a master musician, capable of nurturing and balancing hundreds of eaux-de-vie much as a conductor directs an orchestra. As the guardian of the Larsen heritage, artist and craftsman in one, Larsen’s Master Blender Mr. Robert Andrieux has more than 25 years of experience in combining all the right notes to achieve perfect harmony. In the cool twilight of our cellars, he flits from barrel to barrel in search of fruit, purity and elegance, the famous Larsen style.

Faithful to the spirit of our founder, Master Blender Mr. Robert Andrieux is the guarantor of the unique identity of Larsen Cognac House. He is the living embodiment of an ancestral expertise handed down from generation to generation.